salmon. it’s thick, it’s pink, and it’s bursting with flavor. and don’t even get me started on it’s nutritional benefits. ok, get me started.  did you know that a  measly 4 oz serving of wild salmon provides a full day’s requirement of vitamin D? not many foods can make that claim. that same piece of fish contains oodles of omega 3 fatty acids (lowers cholesterol),  B12, niacin, and selenium (makes your hair shiny), and is an excellent source of B6 and magnesium. it’s thick like a steak, and it’s a fish that even ‘non fish lovers’ can love.  it helps strengthen the heart muscle, and it’s known for helping your brain work better and improving  your memory. why, i ask then, would you not want to eat this bad boy at bare minimum- once per week??   in my house, we’re trying in earnest to subscribe to this thought process.  three out of four of us heart salmon more than a back alley hooker loves crack.  we purchase a  one pound piece (sometimes wild, sometimes farm raised) and rub it down with olive oil and salt and pepper. move your oven rack to the top position to utilize your broiler properly. set broiler to high, and let preheat a few mins. line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. and place metal cooling rack on top. position your salmon in the middle, and cook for 8 minutes or so. remove pan from oven, and carefully with a firm spatula… free up salmon from cooking rack and flip over quickly like a pancake. cook other side under broiler for four minutes. (note: this was a thick piece of salmon, and these time frames yielded a well done fish. if you like it a little more rare, please tweak accordingly.)  remove to cutting board and let rest a few minutes. serve however you see fit. i like it over a bed of orzo, or sometimes with a gorgeous salad plate.  however you plate it up, this power  house’s health benefits are too fabulous to ignore! it’s the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.

drizzle the salmon with olive oil and generously sprinkle with salt and pepper.
what it looks like after 8 mins under the broiler at 495 degrees. ready for flipping now.
serve it a little something like this... and watch them smile and giggle like a school girl.