the homefry.  i’ve finally unlocked it.  after using several different pans and skillets and oodles of cooking methods, i nailed it.  the trick? a large enough cooking surface, plenty of olive oil, and a uniform cut.  my favorite potato to use is the yukon gold, hands down.  i find it to be the rockstar of all potatoes.  it fries up like no other, maintaining its sliced shape all the while.  not to mention the skin of the yukon is so paper thin, there’s never any reason in the world to remove it for a homefry. ever.  simply wash, dry and slice.  the size of your slice is a personal preference.  i find a width of 1/4 inch and an overall size of about an inch and half to be ideal to work with. it’s a trial and error game, for sure.

gaining a brown crust

here’s the gameplan: get the largest non stick cooking pan you own.  coat bottom with olive oil. (swirl to coat- don’t prep a drowning pool) prepare your potato on cutting board, so that you’re ready when your pan is calling. crank on the heat.  high first, and then just below high. add a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes. once you see the flakes sweating and dancing, it’s go time.  add your potatoes.  rearrange them so each and every one has plenty of contact face down in the oil.  see visual. now the hard part for us type A’ers… don’t mess with them.  this allows the down side to take on a beauteous brown hue, and a heavenly crispness.  this crisp side is critical to counteract the softness you’ll achieve at the end.  a plate of mush is what you’re trying to avoid at all costs.  salt the raw up side generously. check one after about 5 mins with a fork.  if you like what you see, take your spatula and flip it upside down in your grip. this is the way you wanna free your lovelies from the skillet.  you have to be fast, and apply a downward pressure toward the skillet surface at a 45 degree angle.  make attempts to rearrange with brown side upward. dust lightly with garlic powder and a sprinkle of dried parsley or oregano. (no need for pepper, as the red pepper flakes you tricked out your oil with will provide all the heat you need here)  obviously there are 50 ways you could flavor your potatoes.  i’m giving you the most basic recipe, with flavorings most every reader would have in their kitchen.  personally, i love mine with coriander powder, dried oregano, and even a pinch more salt.  if it’s summer and i have lots of fresh parsley outside… i’ll chop a bit and rain it down over my plate to finish. ok, back to cooking… cook like this for a few more minutes, and then add a 1/4 cup of water to hot skillet- IMMEDIATELY applying lid to steam them for a bit.  reduce heat to medium and allow to cook for 4 minutes or so.  stir- check for doneness, cooking a bit longer uncovered if needed.  enjoy with your favorite condiment. Heinz ketchup is a natural local partner for us Pittsburghers. -see visual.

perfect and simple anytime meal…
made even more perfect.