no leftovers
Bright beautiful flavors take the sting out of an icy winter day

Chicken Piccata. every bite is like a summer breeze. it’s prominent flavors are lemon and capers (which are like eensy tiny mellow baby olives)-  both so very bright and fun one can’t help smile while noshing on this dish. This recipe makes enough for two hungry people, adjust accordingly. i caught myself thinking about licking the plate… no joke.


take four thinly sliced chicken breasts and generously salt and pepper them. Place about a 1/3 cup of flour on a shallow plate and place next to your stove. Prep your shallots and garlic. Thinly slice two shallots and four cloves of garlic. set aside.  grate a little lemon peel, and slice lemon in half, setting aside. Add two T of butter and a T of olive oil to a large non stick skillet. Heat over md high heat. dredge the chicken in the flour, and shake excess- adding to the skillet. cook over md-high heat for a few mins per side. remove to a clean plate. to the already hot skillet, add the shallots. saute over medium for two mins. add the garlic. saute for a minute, and add 3/4 cup of your favorite white wine. (i used pinot grigio) scrape up the brown bits and let bubble for a minute while stirring. Proceed to add 3/4 cup of chicken broth, and a tsp of corn starch dissolved in a splash of water.  Stir with a whisk until smooth over md heat. (maybe a minute or so)  cut the heat, and add a heaping T of capers, the juice from your lemon, another pat of butter and about two T of chopped fresh parsley. I like to serve this over a half a box of cooked thin spaghetti. (i find angel hair a bit too light, and spaghetti too heavy) Arrange your chicken over your cooked pasta, and drizzle the lovely sauce all over the top. if you’ve grated any of your lemon zest, sprinkle this over the top as a grand finale.  try to serve this as soon as you can after cooking.

the aftermath.