hotbox clipster
get it up and keep it clean!


tight space? i’ve got answers. if you love cooking from all of your favorite food magazines, but dislike the drips and spatters the production leaves behind on the pages, you’re gonna love this idea. if you’re anything like me, you can tell your favorite recipe chocked mags from their sad appearance alone. the humble way they are holding together the lovely  warped pages, wet from who knows what or when!  improve your cooking area lickety split with this snappy hotbox idea. Take a skirt hanger with some sturdy clips and attach your magazine (or paper recipe for that matter) ensuring a firm hold. Hang from a cabinet knob or handle in the general prep work area. Get cooking! Not only have you saved your magazine or recipe from walking away with an olive oil facial, you’ve now freed up at least a foot of counter space for you to work on!  L O V E – I T……. (sing songy sassy voice)