i have to say i am very excited about the recent opening of my Hotbox Hipster etsy shop- and i felt it was very necessary to share this information on my food blog! many of my blogging friends have varied interests, to say the least, and i happen to be one of them.  not only do i enjoy cooking and baking,  but i also enjoy knitting and sewing and writing and jogging and photography and entertaining and interior design and food styling, and the list goes on and on….  so i decided to share one of my variants with my food loving community. i have created an Etsy shop, with the Hotbox Hipster’s name,  to market my unique gooderies to the general public.  my goal is to create items/gifts that are hard to find in the big box stores… items made with love… peaceful love.  i’m trying to create an even mix of children’s items, lady goods, and household lovelies.   each item will be wrapped with colored paper from sustainably managed forests, and tied up with happy hemp twine. i will ship in a recycled brown grocer’s bag – meaning the whole packaging itself can be reused in it’s entirety.  two percent of my total sales each year will go to a local green project in my community. giving back is important, and one of my favorite quotes says it best… “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.”  check me out yo!  http://www.hotboxhipster.etsy.com

(PS- i commissioned my artist friend, Julie Schuler, to design and create my avatar -aka logo- and she did an amazing job, capturing my varied interests… the go green tee, the food skewered onto knitting needles, the scarf in progress around my neck, the recycle symbols in the name, and my running shoes and shorts. she is truly an amazing artist- and her paintings are out of this world. click on her name above to fall into her world.)