so you’re making a salad… a big one… and you are on to the part where you’re set to tediously slice thirty little unruly grape or cherry tomatoes in half. Ughh… what a boring little four minutes you’re about to have. oops, there goes one onto the floor and rollll…. right under your fridge along with the dust bunnies and the random chocolate chip and cheerio.

Let’s make some fun out of this task why don’t we….

Step 1: lay a dishtowel down for anti- slide properties.

Step 2: lay a large dinner plate bottom side up on the dishtowel. Load it with tomatoes in the center part until they are all touching, but still an even layer.

Step 3: place a matching plate on top of tomatoes, right side up.

Step 4: pressing down on top plate with moderate pressure with non dominant hand, cut (with a mighty sharp knife) directly through all of the tomatoes until you feel/see your knife come out the other side.

Enjoy your preparation genius, and impress someone with this, for goodness sakes!!!           i think it’s my favorite prep move so far… bible!!