embrace the pace. bacon has taken a hot seat over the past year or two and is showing up in a multitude of products from high end chocolate to lip balm.  it’s been dubbed “meat candy” by many… and it’s not hard to see why.  i DDD you to eat just one piece!!  Americans love their bacon, and pork is wildly popular in Italian cuisine as well.  Bacon comes from the belly fat of our portly little buddy the  pig.  there are, however, healthier- less artery coating varieties- such as turkey bacon, chicken bacon, canadian bacon (still pork- but from the back of the pig), and our hippy buddy- soy bacon.  that being said, this chick will always retain her affinity for good ol’ thick cut piggety pig BACON.  this past weekend i had the pleasure of trying the Market District’s “smokehouse” variety. it was super thick, and cooked up perfectly in the oven. (which every foodie knows is the only way to cook bacon)  i aim to convert all of you pan frying, mess making, bacon curlers out there today with this blog spill.

Start by placing your bacon onto a foil line baking sheet with sides. (jelly roll sheet) you cannot do it this way on a flat cookie sheet without some type of side, or your grease will run over the edge and cause a fire.  NOT easy like sunday morning… it will be hell’s bell’s instead. ok, lay out  your bacon. (see photo)

arrange as many pieces as you can without overlapping

Next, place this tray into your cold oven, on a center rack. Yes, i meant to type COLD oven, as in… do not preheat.  close oven door, turn on your oven to 400 degrees.  set your timer for 20 minutes, and walk away.  when you return you will have perfect bacon, ready for checking. usually it will be done right at 20, but this bacon was pretty thick, and took a few extra minutes in the hot box.  i, of course, did not walk away- but got to preparing a mean french toast for myself and hubby of hipster… and well- even curly haired daughter of hipster devoured a piece come to think of it. see pics below. it was cinnamon raisin toast sliced thick, in a basic custard of two eggs, a generous drink of half and half, a heavy drop of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and a pinch of salt.  i sprinkled the finished piping hot slices with chocolate chips to allow some meltage… and then sliced some bananas and strawberries. syrup, of course without saying.  the bacon felt very at home next to this richly indulgent breakfast, and seemed to almost nestle up alongside in a spooning fashion.  it was love on a plate.  see below.  i’m hoping this blog and pics will convince many of you to put away your skillets and begin cooking bacon in the oven. next time, and forever there after.  enjoy yo.

perfectly stiff and crispy... ready to grace any bacon recipe you get into
natural partners... topping the flavor charts
focus shift... while drooling