this past saturday found us enjoying an incredibly flavorful Thai meal at the Green Mango in Regent Square. (a Pittsburgh suburb)  i had done a bit of research on the place, and read some fantastic reviews… leaving me not a single reason as to why it shouldn’t move to the top of our short list for datenite. hotbox hipster and hubby of said hipster are the parents of two cutie patootie preschoolers, who happened to be spending the night at mimi and pappy’s for the night. begin datenite for two thirsty for fun thirty somethings.  knowing that The Green Mango was a BYOB, (with no corkage fees, PS) we parked on South Braddock and headed to D’s six pack and dogs for some take out brew. we mix and matched a six pack of IPA’s for him and Belgian whites for her, and walked on over to the restaurant straight away with the ice cold treasures. There was a bit of outdoor seating, maybe six small tables in all, which were all occupied around 7pm when we rolled up. we easily secured a small table for 2 inside, and were attended to immediately with glasses for our beer and menus in our hands. waters came a minute later, and we were allowed to place our appetizer order shortly thereafter. the service was ultra attentive… even for clearing plates and empty bottles. We ordered both the Tofu summer rolls as well as some spring rolls… both were fabulous.

Tofu Summer Rolls

the dipping sauce had some crushed peanuts atop, and it lent a lovely sweetness to both. next up was the Tom Yum soup with chicken. my sinuses immediately kicked into gear and i felt amazingly alive while eating this spicy bit of genius. The broth was maybe some of the best i’ve tasted, ever. i am longing for a bowl of this soup right now, no joke.

Tom Yum soup with chicken

i honestly could have stopped here and been utterly satisfied, but it’s just not my style. gluttony rocks, and how. placed before me shortly afterward was a steaming plate of drunken spicy noodles with chicken.  it’s a plate of wide noodles that are ever so slightly oily, and both spicy and sweet all at the same time somehow… with bits of fresh basil, napa cabbage, tender and juicy chicken, and thai chili bits all throughout…. words fail to describe this masterpiece of a thai dish folks…. you need to order it.

Spicy Drunken Noodles with chicken

word of wisdom, i ate maybe a fourth of it and took it home. day 2, saute a half of a small zucchini cut into small bite sized pieces for a minute or two, and then add your left over noodles. place lid atop, adjust heat to medium, and set timer for two minutes. plate your food and enjoy for the second day in a row.  our beers tasted like heaven with the spicy food, and the atmosphere in this quaint little place was very relaxed. we will be back… oh yes sir, we will be back.

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The Green Mango on Urbanspoon