if you need to host a brunch for any reason, and are in need of an epicenter recipe… use this winner- and branch out in several directions from there. it’s an easy, no fuss, make ahead recipe that is sure to please the masses. the trick is in the sausage. yes-sir-eee, the pig saves the day once again. buy bob evans ‘sage’ flavored. it suits this recipe perfectly, and lends the perfect savory tang you’re after. this recipe is truly versatile, so much so that i’ve once even used some left over garlic bread in it, as well as pre-chopped frozen red and yellow peppers. whatever veggies and herbs i have on hand, that’s what is going into the egg mix. (within reason) the nice thing is that it has to sit in the fridge over night… allowing no stress for you come the next day when you’re ready to eat. simply take it out of the fridge one hour before you’re ready to bake it, and allow it to come to room temperature a bit. It bakes for 50 mins to one hour, and you want to serve it shortly after taking out of the oven- for the best taste. it’s great with a few drops of hot sauce on top, salsa,  alone, or even with Pittsburgh’s favorite condiment, Heinz ketchup.


1 lb of bulk sausage (i love Bob Evans Sage sausage in this recipe)

9 eggs

3 cups skim milk

1.5 tsp dry mustard powder

1.5 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese

10 slices white bread, crust removed (or left on, both ways are delish) and cubed (feel free to use some stale ital. bread from dinner two nights ago as well.) 

bell pepper (diced) – i like red or  yellow or orange in this.

handful of chopped fresh spinach leaves if you have them

small piece of onion finely diced (if you have it)

Brown and drain the sausage. set aside to cool. In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk. Add seasonings and bread cubes. Fold in sausage, cheese , peppers, onion and spinach or herbs. Place in your 9×13 glass pan (i use a big round dish and it works out perfectly and looks amazing upon serving.) refrigerate over night. remove from fridge one hour before baking. bake at 350 for around 55 mins. Cool just slightly before serving.